Coaching Services

With each client, I begin with a discovery session to better understand his/her values.

Each individual is unique and it is important to set goals based on his/her life experience and not what other people deem important.

The discovery session helps us to set the path to success and to better define the objectives that can be monitored, measured and achieved during the coaching process using your unique talents and abilities.

During our weekly coaching calls, I will encourage you to explore options and evaluate the progress towards your goals. These points of regular contact are critical to strengthen your responsibility.

Coaching is essentially a dialogue led by a trained and objective third. I will support you as you progress through the stages of change to achieve your goals based on my training and experience in other coaching processes.

Coaching programs available:

  • All coaching programs begin with an in depth interview to explore the concerns and clarify the key objectives.
  • 3 months Process: A minimum of three months to make changes to your current environment and your habits. This program lets you quickly face what is essential to start changing your life.
  • 6 month process: This program allows for greater depth in the coaching process and opportunity to create a more sustainable change in you that will be reflected in all areas of your life.
  • 12 month process: This program is especially effective for people who focus on a variety of personal and professional issues and may include issues related to team dynamics and leadership development.
  • Personalized coaching processes are also available to meet special needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about the coaching process and establish a complimentary session. I hope to talk to you!


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