Carlos is a very skilled and experienced coach. He is very professional, knows how to interpret a situation and can be sincere and funny when needed. Also bold and not afraid to challenge me when I'm not reaching the goals that I said they were important.

Roberto Chávez - Musician and Business Owner

The style of coaching that Carlos practices creates an environment that requires brainstorming to find meaningful solutions.

Pablo Emilio González - Financial Advisor

Carlos was very effective in helping me become more aware and open to business techniques that could help me be more efficient in managing my team and grow my business

Vesubia Jaramillo - Commercial Manager

Carlos helped us with the synchronicity of our team overall, and moral functions, through this, he was able to help us focus on our long term strategy for success. My experience with him has been very supportive and a great investment in my business.

Daniel Vitali - Electrical Contractor

If you are looking for a coach, look no further! I felt full of energy, listening very carefully to Carlos. He's a coach who supports you and guides you and is very focused on results.

Mariana Aldana - Public Accountant

Working with Carlos helped me see more clearly my potential and create a clear path toward that vision. He helped me get through a difficult time in my career and revitalized me to see better opportunities.

Christiano Dsouza - Professor of History

Carlos is an outstanding coach. He is an attentive listener and makes powerful questions. He offers insights and helped me change my thinking and take positive actions. He has a unique way to instill confidence and calmness in a chaotic situation.

Sophia Cabal - Student

My coaching with Carlos was very valuable because it gave me the opportunity to present a project for a separate contract and get unbiased comments. It allowed me to create a clear understanding of what we wanted to achieve.

Jacky Galaites. Interior Designer


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