I want congratulate you on your decision to devote time and energy into your own growth. I'm happy to help you extend your limits and grow beyond what you ever dreamed possible. I'm looking forward to seeing the magic that we will create together in your life.

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learn how to free yourself from the paradigms
and negative patterns acquired
over time of your life ...

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  • 7 effective days in your life
  • Carlos Gongora
  • Coaching for you!

    Looking for solutions

    Coaching is essentially a trained and guided by an objective third dialogue. I will support you as you progress through the early stages of a change to achieve your goals based on my training and experience in coaching other processes.

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  • 7 effective days in your life

    Start your change

    After more than twenty years as a professional in information technology and extensive experience in self-improvement, I felt the need to create a manual where you can learn how to free yourself of paradigms and negative patterns acquired over time of your life and which prevented you from acting freely in the search for your highest ideals, whether cultural, spiritual, physical, mental or material order.

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  • Coach Carlos Gongora

    Take the first step

    I'm an Integral Coach that promote growth and personal and business development.

    Through my different life experiences, I have learned about managing change, leadership development, improving individual and team dynamics.

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